10 Best Travel Photographers On Instagram To Stir Your Wanderlust

Do you travel? Jack Morris, aka @douyoutravel, certainly does. It all started in 2012 when, out of “boredom”, he bought a one-way ticket from England to Bangkok. It’s been a nonstop adventure for Jack ever since.

Today, the photographer uses his Instagram to share picture-perfect scenes from his picture-perfect life, which he spends travelling to some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations with his girlfriend and fellow travel-grammer, Lauren Bullen.

Blonde, beautiful and perpetually tanned from her travels, Lauren Bullen or @gypsea_lust is on a permanent vacation with her boyfriend and photographer, Jack Morris. Originally from New South Wales, Australia, Lauren and Jack are currently based in Bali when they aren’t wandering the world to destinations like Samoa, Marrakech, Greece and everywhere in between—literally—creating travel, fashion and lifestyle content for a diverse array of clients.

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