10 Classic Domestic Cars Everyone Forgets Existed

What car comes to mind when you think of an 80s car? Perhaps the DeLorean, Dodge Caravan, Buick Grand National or the Mercedes-Benz Wagon? Whichever it is, it must be one that evokes feelings of nostalgia for what was one of the the greatest decades with groundbreaking and prominent cars. A few of these cars have somehow faded into oblivion, and forgotten from our consciousness. This was a decade of strange music and fashion, but also cars that according to today’s standards may look uncool, underpowered, and lack most of the modern convenience features.

Either way, these cars offered enough to have plenty of fun, though few of them appreciated in value in the first two decades. Most aren’t considered as collectibles and their style may have also been rendered obsolete in this day and age. Some of the cars that were considered cool during the 80s era included the Lotus Milan, Pontiac Fiero, and Mitsubishi Eclipse, while others like the Suzuki Samurai flipped over. Most midsize cars of that time also looked and delivered average performance, let alone not having modern small car perks.

In fact, if you were lucky, you’d get a radio, or climate control, or even an engine that could cruise you and get highway speeds. Consequently, not many of them made it out as bona fide classics that you could resell for more than you got it for. Here are the wheels that made the decade great but have been forgotten over time.


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