10 Classic Foreign Cars To Start Collecting (Before Their Value Skyrockets)

So you want to be a car collector? Well, there’s so much you need to know before starting your very own in your garage, especially if you intend to keep them for selling at a later date. Rare and vintage car enthusiasts, and guys like Jay Leno, who have spent decades assembling wonderful automobile collections will tell you it isn’t a walk in the park. Car collectors, especially classic ones, incorporate their love and passion for cars into their homes, reserving garage spaces only for the best they can get.

For starters, therefore, you’d have to decide where you intend to store your car collection. You’ll always need more space than you think. Find themes that will guide what you buy, like the cars listed here are all Japanese cars, so that would be your theme to start with, or you could make it classics from the 80s. Also find out what others are collecting, and keep an eye out for memorabilia, which are vintage materials you can display in your garage once it’s fully stocked. Networking with other like-minded collectors also helps as you need some peeps whose opinions and taste you trust.

Now that you know how to put everything together, its time to bring in the cars. Japanese cars are known for their longevity, so you’ll definitely find a variety of classics you can keep for years to come, and the ones you’ll find listed here will not only last, but bring you big bucks in the process. Here are the 10 classic foreign (Japanese) cars to start collecting before their value skyrockets.


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