10 Muscle Cars People Never Appreciated Enough

Most people will agree that muscle cars are the best things that American automotive industry has bestowed upon us, and they will likely be right. Even modern muscle cars are some of the most prolific nameplates available, and they often grace the covers of world’s best known auto mags. However, not every muscle car has been given the praise it deserved. This is one of the reasons there’s so few of them now. Another reason is their incompatibility with the modern, more pragmatic era in terms of efficiency. But, let’s get back to the fact that many muscle cars throughout history haven’t exactly been appreciated during their time.


There were always many reasons why a single muscle has failed to become an icon. By looking at the picture as a whole, we can easily find out a different perspective. Back in sixties, early seventies and even eighties, there were simply way too many V8-powered cars ranging from ponies to full-size limos. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that some of them were simply below par in terms of overall quality. These cars don’t interest us here. We’re searching for those quality ones which have remained underrated and under the radar throughout their careers, and still are. Neither of the following cars have actually been engulfed by oblivion, but you’ll agree that they rarely cross your mind and even more rarely appear on any type of modern media platforms.

Pontiac 2+2

Years: 1964-1967

Let’s begin with short-lived 2+2 that came out of Pontiac’s kitchen. The fact that Catalina’s spin-off  was only produced for three years speaks a lot about it being underrated, but the car had plenty of kick for a full-sizer. Most potent engines were 421 ci 6.9L V8’s that were available during initial couple of years, and 428 ci 7.0L V8 that came in ’67. Furthermore, ’67 2+2 with 428 and HO package used to deliver 376 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque. Not bad for mid-sixties.

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