10 Tips For Editing Travel Photographs

Travel photography has a certain lure that brings out the uninhibited snapshooter in all of us. But how do you deal with the volume of images you download to the computer after your trip? At that point, it’s high time to sharpen your eye as a photo editor.

According to award-winning travel photographer Krista Rossow, photo editing is a practice that really should begin before you leave on a trip. Rossow is well versed in the process behind editing photos to tell a dynamic story, given her seven years as a picture editor for National Geographic Traveler magazine. Learn how she does it in the following ten tips.

Determine the story you want to tell

“I find it helpful to consider the end goal before I begin editing, and even before I begin shooting,” she explains.

“Don’t think of good and bad, or right and wrong, think about what’s appropriate for the story you want to tell. What is your reason to be out shooting? What form will the images take after you select them? If you know what your end goal will be, you can anticipate the needs for that.”

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