15 Common Travel Photography Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Not Enough Time

Creating a shot list is important because it will make you think about what you are going to be photographing. This, in turn, makes you try to envision how and when you will take that photo. By envisioning the photo, you will be more aware if you’re packing too much into a short time frame.

Whilst it’s important to try and cover as many items on your shot list as possible, you also need to allow yourself enough time to capture them well. Rushing around trying to capture everything will mean you won’t photograph anything well. This is often one of the biggest beginner photography mistakes I come across.

So make sure you always allow extra time for any item on your shot list.
map with detailed notes for planning a travel photography trip

Not the Right Time

One of the best bits of advice that was given to me when I was starting out was that “there is a perfect time to photograph everything”. That “perfect time” could be a certain time of day, certain conditions or even certain times of the year. Your ultimate goal should always be to photograph everything at the perfect time.

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