15 Fascinating Destinations For Travel Photography

1: India

Huranga Holi Festival at Baladev Dauji Temple, Mathura, India (Richard I'Anson)

“India is a truly exhilarating place for a travel photographer. It is one of the most exotic, colourful, exciting, challenging, welcoming and beautiful countries on the planet.

“The incredible diversity of subject matter and the fact that so much of life is lived on the streets provides the perfect environment and stimulation to constantly seek out new images. Images of everyday life are constantly elevated with the overlay of vibrant colours and the observance of religious worship and traditions.

“My travels in India have always been about the image, about capturing the experience and revealing the country as I see it. But I also love that every image has a personal story, a travel experience that led me to that place at that time, culminating in sublime moments when time seems to stop and the realisation of just how lucky I am to be there takes hold, such as standing before the Taj Mahal at dawn, catching my breath on a steep mountainside as the last rays of the day’s sun light up Lamayuru Gompa in Ladakh, watching the sun rise over the Himalaya from Tiger Hill, near Darjeeling, or listening as hundreds of monks chant sacred texts at Bodhgaya’s Mahabodhi Temple.

“Another personal highlight was, after a cumulative 24 hours of jeep safaris over four trips to Ranthambhore National Park, finally coming face to face with a magnificent Bengal tiger.”

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