6 Female Travel Photographers You Need To Follow On Instagram

It’s fair to say that Mareen truly lives up to her name: she seems to be just about everywhere, all the time. Educated at one of the top hospitality institutes in the world, Miss Everywhere knows a good hotel when she sees one, and she’s constantly sharing her sumptuous stays with her desirous followers. She’s not afraid to get out into the cold too, though; you’re nearly as likely to find her in the Austrian Alps as you are in a Balinese rainforest.

World of Wanderlust

6 Female Travel Photographers To Follow On Instagram In 2017

Brooke Saward is only just reaching her “mid-twenties”, yet she’s already visited more places than most people reach in a lifetime. With some of her favorite off-the-beaten path destinations including Morocco, Russia andSouth Africa, she’s an expert at distilling the essence of a locale down into a couple of carefully-chosen photos. Whether she’s adventuring through bamboo forests in Kyoto or lounging on a rooftop in the Amalfi Coast, Brooke always leaves you wanting more.

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