8 Travel Photography Tips from People Who Do It For a Living

Get to Know the Locals

“Whether it’s capturing portraits of your new acquaintances or getting the local scoop on secret spots, communicating with strangers can lead to a whole host of photographic opportunities,” says Chase Guttman, three-time Young Photographer of the Year and author of The Handbook of Drone Photography. So how should you make that first connection? Guttman suggests opening in a language that everyone understands. “A smile goes a long way in breaking the ice and relating to someone in a foreign environment.”

Forget the ‘Perfect Shot’

It took German photographer Daniel Ernst nineteen months, seven countries, and a one-way ticket to New Zealand to finally “learn to stop worrying about the perfect shot.” Ernst, who is self-taught and has nearly half a million Instagram followers, says allowing for flaws in exposure, grain, or flare is what makes an image feel more real. “Once I let go of this pressure to be perfect, my shots became instantly better and more authentic.”

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