Best Luxury Watch Brands For The Classic Man

With all the Fitbits, Samsung and Apple smart watches, and other digital wrist gadgets technology brings us, it can be easy to forget about classic luxury watch brands. Sure, technology ridden watches/gadgets and the brands behind them are nice. But there is something to be said about a luxury watch brand that provides innovation while continuing to keep the traditional concept alive.

These classic luxury watch brands and the timepieces they create provide us with something technology simply can’t, no matter how hard it tries. From crowns to hands, escapements and jewels — there are an endless amount of components that go into forging these timeless pieces of art. They tell us a story of skill and craftsmanship in the design and even more about the individual wearing it. A timepiece gives insight to your taste, style, and character – making it one of the best accessories for personal branding. If you’re a man who appreciates branding yourself with original tradition and class, these are the 6 best luxury watch brands for you.


Showcasing some of the most impeccable timepieces, Breguet is one of the oldest abiding luxury watchmaking brands in the world. Founded in Paris, France in 1775 by Abraham Louis Breguet, this high end watch brand holds a vast, extensive history. Always being bought and worn by members of high society and the French Court, their clientele list has included people such as Queen Marie-Antoinette, Louis XVI, Napoleon Bonaparte and Winston Churchill.

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