Best Luxury Watch Brands For The Classic Man

As one of the top luxury watch brands, Breguet also pioneered various watchmaking technologies and continues their groundbreaking ingenuity today. Their best known invention was the tourbillon, one of the finest horological devices ever made. Others would include self-winding, the pare-chute, the Breguet balance spring and most recently, the magnetic pivot. Widely recognized for their coin-edge cases, Breguet timepieces have many unmistakable signs that assure you you’re wearing their exclusive luxury watch brand. With engine turned dials, screw-pin lugs, fluted case bands and the “secret signature”, their style is in a class of its own. Even though new inventions and improvements are made, Breguet remains connected to it’s classic heritage.

With over two centuries in the books, it’s easy to see why this luxury watch brand is a legend in the watchmaking industry. You can fetch a timepiece from this top luxury watch brand for anywhere from $7,000 – $400,000+ and their greatest classical collection is the Classique Collection.


Not only is this one of the top luxury watch brands, it is also one of the most iconic watchmakers of all time. Oozing with style, elegance, and luxury, Cartier timepieces are known to have a sophisticated, classic design. Initiated in Paris, France in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, this luxury watch brand has always been a front runner in the watchmaking industry. Being so, Forbes ranked them 61st on their “World’s Most Valuable Brands” list.

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