Best Luxury Watches Under $5,000


In the past decade, Omega as a brand has made a climb up the prestige ladder and is now fast approaching the prowess of Rolex.  Their franchise classic, the Omega Seamaster, is a beautiful timepiece which has several model variations.  Many of the models they produce can be acquired under the $5,000 mark.  The limited edition James Bond models of the Seamaster will run you a little higher, and are often highly sought after due to their ties with the legendary movie franchise.

There is also the Omega Speedmaster which is the other franchise model.  The Speedmaster has so many variations it’s hard to keep track.  You can find them in almost every serious collector’s repertoire, and rare variations trade hands at prices well above this $5,000 threshold.  Originally renowned for being the first watch on the moon when Buzz Aldrin landed there, this model has grown quite the following.


Rolex timepieces need no introduction.  Their brand and heritage have long been envied and sought after by adults and children who watched (no pun intended) their role models wear them as a symbol of status and power.

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