Camera Equipment For Travel Photography

Travelling with a camera is inevitable, capturing and documenting your journey is part of the journey itself.

Most of us travel with a compact point-and-shoot camera or even just a phone camera which is honestly suffice. But for people like myself, it is not. Maybe it is a curse, but I’ve always been plagued with the constant thought of wishing i had a better camera with me, especially when I happen to witness a picturesque scene in front of me.

Even more so during Footprints Across Asia, where our aim is to capture both quality photos and videos for our readers. So this post is more for people like myself, who have been cursed with the travel shutterbug.

Here is a detailed round up of the camera equipment for travel I use and why.
equipmentPlan1-Laptop 2-Laptop charger 3-Selfie Stick 4-Gopro Accessories 5-Gopro head harness 6-Camera Polariser 7-Gopro Waterproof housing 8-Gopro extra battery 9-Gopro Hero 3 10-Portable harddisk 11-Rechargeable batteries 12-Flash 13-Card reader 14-CF cards 15-Wireless trigger 16-Camera quick release 17-Canon 5D Mk3 with 16-35mm lens 18-50mm lens 19-Canon batteries 20-70 to 200 lens 21-Battery charger 22-Tripod


My choice on the Canon 5D Mk3 is because of its ability to handle both photos and videos well. With the help of Magic Lantern, I am able to extract out 14-bit uncompressed RAW video which gives me the much needed freedom for colour grading. Magic Lantern also lightened my load by eliminating the need to carry around a remote for time-lapses or stop motion videos. It even has a bulb mode for shutter speeds longer than the default 30s, which also perfectly replaces the need for a remote.

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