While we live in a day and age where camera gear is more affordable than ever, photo editing applications are much more accessible and social media platforms have connected each of us with more and more people from around the globe, many photographers still struggle with the idea of working professionally as a photographer. When it comes to travel photography specifically, things are even more complicated. While travel photographers have to learn the craft of photography just as a wedding or stock photographer, they also have to balance the notion of the cost of travel as well. After-all, it can be expensive to fly to India or Mongolia. While alot of people travel and take photos, very few of us get paid to live this lifestyle.
Working in the Canadian Rockies on a film project for Travel Alberta

So where do you start? What path should you take? When I started my first photography company back in 2006 I too asked these questions. However instead of finding a resource to help guide me along the process, I ended up taking the long way up the hill. It was a few years before I first had my images published. Even longer before I started making any real money as a photographer. This is why I decided to partner with Matador Network and MatadorU and help them build something special. To train, support and prepare the next generation of travel photographers. So what is MatadorU? Lets dive in to find out…

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