The 10 Best Travel Photographers

What’s to Love: “I saw him speak at a National Geographic live event in Kansas City, and besides being wildly funny and one of the more engaging speakers I’ve ever heard, his work is just captivating. His intuition to dive in and understand the environment, the people in it, and the relationship between the two is highly apparent in his work. James’ photography is the kind that stands out in your mind’s eye long after you see it: hordes of tourists taking photos at the Grand Canyon, a young girl swimming in the Amazon with a little monkey clinging to her head, a perfectly symmetrical pair of cheetahs sitting on a rock overlooking their kingdom.” Roberto Salomone

What’s to Love: When we met Roberto at Le Sirenuse on the Amalfi Coast, we thought he was a local photographer with a special eye for the beauty of his homeland. When we got to know him, we realized his documentary work runs much deeper — most movingly to refugee camps, where he chronicles victims of the global immigration crisis with pathos and grace. Religion, politics, beaches: It’s the rare talent who can capture them all so effectively. – Selected by Fathom Editors

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