The New 10-Speed Ford Mustang is Awesome

Ford has recently introduced its Mustang to the European market. Naturally, lots of Mustang purists were not happy about this because they felt that the car they knew and loved was being messed with. The big, burly V8 was to be phased out in favor of a more eco-friendly motor, they thought, and to a certain extent, this was indeed the case.

Ford 10 Speed Transmission Mustang! 1

The new Ford Mustang, introduced in 2015, has the option of two motors on the European market; a 2.3 EcoBoost inline 4-cylinder producing 317 hp and, for the purists, the famous 5.0 V8 serving up 420 hp. Now, I’m no muscle car enthusiast, but even I know that the only proper engine to get in the ‘Stang is the V8. While originally, the Mustang was only going to be offered in the EcoBoost trim, much to everyone’s joy, Ford has rethought this tactic for the pony car’s latest facelift.

Ford 10 Speed Transmission Mustang! 2

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