Globetrotting photographer Robb Gordon is often asked what kind of camera he owns. “Nobody asks a writer what kind of pen he uses,” says Gordon. “I don’t really care about the camera. I care about the image.” Photographer Martin Morrell echoes Gordon’s sentiment: “One doesn’t need an expensive camera in order to capture moments that please—[they] can be shot on a smartphone.”

Instagram’s global network of more than 400 million users proves every day that anyone with a smartphone can capture and share beautiful photographs from around the world.

To assist travellers during the Focus on Four Seasons Instagram contest, we called in 10 of the most talented travel photographers in the business to share tips and techniques for taking the perfect photo.

Take advantage of Mother Nature’s lighting at sunrise and sunset

Photographers live for what’s known as the golden hour—those short windows of time after sunrise or before sunset when the light gives anything you point your camera at a rich, golden glow.

“Whenever I can, I shoot during these times for the softest tones and most dramatic lighting,” says Dana Neibert, who is known for his environmental and landscape photography like the shot of Lanai, pictured above. “It’s so easy to make a nice image at those times.”Photography tips and tricks: Shooting sunrise in Paris

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