Top 10 Most Picturesque Ski Resorts in the World

In a recent OnTheSnow poll, 75 percent of respondants named scenic beauty and natural attractions as a major mountain town draw outside of skiing. While not all alpine resorts are idyllic chocolate-box villages (more like purpose-built concrete towns). But if you’re after the perfect package, check out our top 10 most picturesque ski resorts, most of which are found, not surprisingly, in Europe.

Alpbach, Austria

Alpbach won a televised poll in 1983 which declared it the most beautiful village in Austria. We know what you’re thinking… 1983? But the tag stuck with good reason. The village is gorgeous. Situated on a sunny plateau, 3,281 ft. above sea level and with the Alps as a stunning backdrop, there are lots of lovely wooden chalets dotted in between a gently rising mountain.

“I would say that the village of Alpbach is unique in Austria because of its uniform architecture, all buildings have to be furnished from the first floor in wood including a balcony – that’s why it was voted the most beautiful village in Austria,” according to the resort’s marketing manager.

Alpbach is ideal for beginners who will find perfect flats at the base of the mountain and wide open runs in the Skiweg area. Pretty tree-lined slopes can be accessed on the main ski area. Expert skiers have a small but decent area to explore, and recommended routes include those from Loderstein back to the gondola station and the runs around the Wiedersbergerhorn.

Traditional alpine village of Alpbach in Austria - © Alpbach Tourism

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