Do you collect travel photography along with other souvenirs? Do you shoot the most fantastic places, unique strangers, landscape, architecture all over the world? If the answer is ‘yes’, follow these 10 vacation photography tips and make more people join your travel blog or Instagram:


The key to good shots is your early wake-up. Yes, you would like to sleep on vacation, but at the beginning of the day it is so much more interesting. The streets of even large cities are still free from crowds of tourists. Watching as the city wakes up is a special pleasure: everything is clean and fresh, there are no fuss and noise. And you have the opportunity to take images of everything you want without hurrying.

There are some certain times of the day when your shots can look fantastic. Taking photos early and late is an interesting experience, you can receive soft natural light. Between 1-3PM when the sun is in its the peak and the daylight is very harsh, your images will have too strong shadows that can ruin your portrait photos. Instead, you may take photos when the sun is lower to make them soft. The most successful time is taking photos just after sun rise or before the sunset, which is called ’’Golden Hour” or “Blue Moon Hour’’ as the light looks very naturally and not so vivid. The shots look soft and warm.

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