Top 15 Best Luxury Watch Brands

This luxury watch brand dates long back to 1845. Since then it’s been functioning in its original hometown of Glashutte, Germany.

Their rich materials, exquisite details and excellent mechanical precision makes them one of the top watch brand in the whole world.

Their luxury lies in their 18kt platinum or gold. Also their bridges and plates are of silver, whereas dials are made of enamel or silver.

Lange and Sohne luxury watch is famous internationally because of its extravagant production techniques and for the refinement and depth of the watch movements.

Best-selling: Up to date their most sold over. These are their best-selling watches up to date and these edition have made this brand a remarkable and one of the Top watch Brands.

  • Lange 1 Moon Phase
  • 1815 Up/Down
  • Richard Lange Perpetual Calendar “Terraluna”

Arnold & Son

Arnold & Son Top-15-Luxury-Watch-Brands

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