Travel Photographers Worth Following on Instagram

ust because you are a nine-to-fiver doesn’t mean you can’t have the world at your fingertips. You can live your travel dreams vicariously through some of the best travel photography feeds on Instagram. The most popular Instagrammers get to travel all around the world to exotic destinations just to capture scenic landscapes and share them on social media.  More than just a well-stamped passport, it takes a real understanding of photography techniques to create truly memorable photos. Here are some of our favorite travel photographers on Instagram:

Chris Burkard

He’s one of Justin Bieber’s favorite photographers, but with almost 2 million followers on Instagram, one could say that Chris Burkard isn’t far from gaining celebrity status himself. Having explored some of the coldest waves known to man, Chris is an expert traveler and explorer whose photos will be sure to inspire travel-envy.

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