Travel Photography: 6 Ways to Take Great Couple Photos while Traveling

Today we are going to share ways to take great couple photos while traveling. When you travel as a couple, you are going to want to get some good photos of the two of you together. The problem is that getting great couples photos of the two of you together can be a challenge, as usually one of you has to op

Tripods are not always the best solution though. For instance, we would not recommend using a tripod if you are in a very crowded, unstable, or windy spot as it may get bumped or knocked over. We also recommend always staying within a short distance of your tripod and keeping an eye on it to help prevent damage or theft. Many indoor venues, such as museums and churches, do not allow tripods so be sure to check for any rules and regulations before heading out each day. Sometimes places will even confiscate tripods as they can be viewed as potential weapons. See our guide to travel tripods for more tips on traveling with them.

You might be tempted to skip the tripod and just try to find places to set your camera (e.g., ledges, benches, rocks) during your trip. While this may occasionally work well, we don’t recommend this as a main strategy as it will often be impossible or impractical (e.g., no safe place to put the camera) and you have much less control of the angle and composition as it will be mainly determined by the perch rather than you.

It is also not a good idea in many circumstances to just leave your camera sitting somewhere and walk away from it as someone may knock it over or try to take it (less likely with a tripod). We’d recommend using a tripod or using another option.

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