Travel Photography by Bike: Spinning Southward

Bike touring is one of the most rewarding modes of travel. It puts you out there in the spaces between the tourist destination and guidebook recommendations. It’s raw and authentic where the miles are earned one pedal stroke at a time. The terrain and memories stack up slowly into a deeply satisfying narrative.

I’ve seen many places from a bike saddle, but the one trip that stands astride the top are the large slices of Central and South America I rode with Mike and John Logsdon on their tour of the Pan-American Highway, from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Ushuaia, Argentina—a trip of roughly 13,000 miles. I set out to join them as their photographer, and a trip of that scale required some serious thought to both cycling and camera gear.

The brothers were riding to raise awareness and money for the National Brain Tumor Foundation, in honor and memory of their mother, Jean Logsdon, who passed away from a brain tumor and was a big proponent of adventure travel and education. I joined the team, along with a videographer, and biked with them through Central America and later through Argentina.

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