Ultimate Tips for Travel Photography

Would you like to improve your travel photography so that you come back from your holidays with more than just memories? In this detailed guide you’ll find ultimate tips for travel photography, which will help you capture pictures from your trips that you’ll be proud to show your friends and family, print, or even sell.

How did I get started with travel photography?

Since I was young I have been travelling frequently, visiting as many places as I can fit in (and could afford) each year. I have always taken lots of photographs on my travels, but in the past my images were poor and now only serve as memories on my hard drive.

Now after lots of practice, travelling, reading, and mistakes I would consider myself an experienced travel photographer and I also make part of my income through licensing my photographs. You can see many of my travel photographs on my portfolio: mikecleggphotography.com and also find many of my images on my personal Instagram account.

So what should you do to improve your photography skills and take better pictures on your travels?

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