Watch Out: 4 Luxury Watch Trends to Follow in 2018-2019

After 15 years with Swiss watch brand OMEGA, Brice (pronounced: br-ees) Le Troadec jumped continents to head up iconic Japanese timepiece company Grand Seiko as EVP and brand president.

Le Troadec received his first watch as a little boy from his grandfather who was keen on new watch technology, particularly the advent of quartz movement. Quartz, unlike mechanical or automatic movement, is when the second hand moves in individual ticks, powered by a battery. That watch was a Seiko (the parent company of Grand Seiko).

The Manual sat down with Le Troadec to pick his brain about the biggest luxury watch trends that will dominate the fall/winter of 2018-19.


In true timeless fashion, Le Troadec ended by saying that not following trends is a trend in itself. The timepiece embodiment of this sentiment is a timeless vintage-styled watch. “Models that carry the historical features of the brand will rise up,” he says. The exact aesthetic (i.e. sporty, dressy, diving, etc.) will depend on the wearer’s preferences, but the trend will favor watches that completely embrace the individual brand’s identity.

Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 Special Edition

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