Watch Out: 4 Luxury Watch Trends to Follow in 2018-2019

This modern remake isn’t a “limited edition” watch but was debuted in 2018 as a modern ode to the Polaris 60s throwback divers’ alarm watch. It’s the rebirth of an icon. With a 42-mm case, this timepiece features an open heart and three black finishes.


Le Troadec says the standard size of a luxury timepiece today is 40mm. Increasingly (much like the size of men’s pants), that is slimming down to 36-37mm. Over the end of 2018 and start of 2019, expect to see sleeker and thinner men’s watches that maintain the durability, precision, and manliness of a chunky 50mm+ without the bulk.

Omega Seamaster 1948 Limited Editions

luxury watch trends 2018 19 omega seamaster 48

With 2018 marking the 70th anniversary of Omega’s Seamaster, this pair of vintage-styled 38mm refined timepieces sure are worth celebrating. Unabashedly vintage, the tech under the hood is hyper-modern, with automatic movements from METAS-certified calibers. Only 1,948 pieces of each have been made. Hands-down a striking timepiece for its trendy size.

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